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Tilt and Turn Windows

It is difficult to get a rational explanation from Architects and Builders and Double-Glazing Companies for their reasons for specifying and installing these. After all, most houses, offices, schools and workplaces wish to install blinds, curtains, or sometimes both at their windows. Yet Tilt-and-Turn system windows can often make it impossible to install curtains or blinds.

So why do they do it? Don’t Architects and Builders and Double-Glazers live in houses too? The answer is, of course, “Yes”, but it is safe to assume they don’t have Tilt-and-Turn windows in them!

When asked, they may say “To make cleaning easy.” But they are often installed on ground floor windows!
Or they say “They are necessary as a means of fire escape.” If that is the case, surely they would open outwards? But they don’t.

Anyone with a suggested answer, please email us!

Consumers who have just had new double glazing installed are often shocked to discover that their new Tilt-and-Turn windows prevent them from installing the window dressing of their choice. The double-glazing salesman never seems to mention this drawback. Why?

SUGGESTION TO CUSTOMERS about to have double glazing installed: – if any windows are to be Tilt-and-Turn, insist on having a minimum of 25mm or 2inch above the moving part of the window to allow a blind or curtain rail to be fitted.

So what can be done?

In some cases customers simply accept that a blind will prevent the window from opening beyond a narrow range of tilting. (So much for the cleaning and fire-escape theories!)

In some cases, venetian, roller or pleated blinds can be attached directly to the moving part of the window. These may not be aesthetically pleasing, but are very practical.

The ideal solution, in most cases, is our “PERFECT FIT” system, which can be fitted with narrow-slat VENETIAN, PLEATED or ROLLER blinds.

See our Perfect Fit section for the solution to tilt and turn windows.