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Venetian Blinds

Not all that many years ago there was a strong market for aluminium Venetian blinds with slats two inches (50MM) wide. Gradually narrower slats of one and a half inches (35MM) became more popular. The trend continues, and now we find that we hardly ever sell Venetian blinds with slats wider than one inch (25MM), and there is a small but rising demand for 16MM – about 2/3rds of and inch!


Although WHITE is still by far the most popular colour in these 25MM blinds, there is a huge choice, including all the colours of the rainbow plus some metallics in bronze, brass and silver etc… See our picture portfolio.

ALUWOOD is a name given to aluminium 25MM blinds which look like wood. These are very popular, they have a couple of advantages over real wood: They are not prone to warping like real wood, and they are much, much lighter. This lightness means not only that they are easier to pull up and to angle the slats, but that they can be made much wider than real wood, up to 4 metres, whereas the weight of real wood restricts the maximum size to 2.4 metres. The colours we have available are shown in our picture portfolio.

REAL WOOD. Real wooden Venetian blinds were prohibitively expensive until quite recently. They were made to order in a bespoke fashion in the UK. Then some importers began to import readymade wooden blinds from China. They come in six-inch increments up to about 94 inches wide. When any particular window blind is ordered, the nearest next size up is used, and a band saw cuts off the excess on each side. Bottom slats are added or removed as required. The result is a low-cost perfectly fitting blind. The colours we have available are shown in our picture portfolio.